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UW-Platteville Creative Writing Festival Videos (or Hyperreality Hurts Sometimes)

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[singlepic id=6 w=320 h=240 float=left]   Sometimes, technology overwhelms (intransitively). For example, when you’re uploading videos of a reading you’ve recently done, and you’ve decided (because you are chronically procrastinating in other, more legitimate and urgent areas of your life) that you’re going to create an individual video for each poem. Then, you notice these strawberries that an absurdly talented undergraduate student gave you at the reading, how they look so pornographically delicious in the photograph you took, that you could eat them again and potentially enjoy them more. Then, you remember you’re allergic to strawberries and haven’t eaten any since you were thirteen. And yet, strangely, your skin starts buzzing with hives.

Below is the setlist, with links to videos from the reading.  If you feel like watching them at home with an alcoholic beverage, you might you might drink every time a poem contains a curse word, or a reference to sex, violence, Lorca, or nanobots.

“Taste of Cherry”

 ”Barely Legal”

“Poem for My Thirty-Seven Mistresses”

“Little Testament”

“Creation Myth, 1979″

“Initiation #5: Lorca”

“Last Happiness”

“Poetry Gun”

“Elevator: A Love Story”

Here’s a teaser:

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