Kara Candito


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  • “Initiation #5: Lorca,” Verse Daily 
  • “Monologue during a Blackout,” Verse Daily
  • “Ars Amatoria: So You Want to Marry a Foreign National,” Drunken Boat
  • “Ars Poetica #40: The Worst Case Scenario Version,” “Dear Forgiveness,” and “Holding Pattern, Lifted,” Waxwing
  • “By the Numbers” and “Year of the Snake,” Diode
  • “College” and “A Briefe and True Report of Tiananmen Square,” Matter: A Monthly Journal of Political Poetry & Commentary 
  • “Elevator: A Love Story,” BETTER: Culture & Lit
  • “Camino Real” and “There Are Lots of Guns Here,” Memorious
  • “Bestiary” and “Dying in an Earthquake in Mexico City,” Failbetter
  • “Deathbed,” The Pedestal
  • “Rimbaud Watches the Sky Darken” and “Sunday Afternoon Watching Scream I,” Io: Journal of New Writing
  • “Family Elegy in a Late Style of Fire,” The Rumpus
  • “Logan Airport Two Days After Christmas,”  The Country Dog Review
  • “If You Got Free by Any Strange Behavior—,” Tupelo Press Poetry Project
  • “Self-Portrait with an Ice Pick,” “La Bufera,” “Epic Poem Concerning the Poet’s Coming of Age as Attis,” Apocalypse Sonámbulo,” “The Kingdom,” BLIP Magazine
  • “I Try to Tell Her the Wolves Can’t be Domesticated,” “Firnas’s Flight into the Future,” “Catullus Watches the Sky Darken from the Penthouse of Our Late Republic,” “Dear Esteemed Former Professor,” “Megachurch Memento Mori,” & “1984,” Connotation Press: An Online Artifact
  • “Love Poem at the Edge of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch” & “Poetry is the Supreme Nonsense, Stevens,” Diode (Nominated for Dzanc Books’ 2009 Best of the Web Series)
  • “Andalucian Pastoral at the Grave of Ariel,” AGNI Online
  • “Self-Portrait with an Ice Pick,” “Taste of Cherry,” “La Bufera” & “Polarity,” Blackbird
  • “Epithalamium Intercepted at the Border,” Contrary Magazine
  • “Sweet Reader (There Is Much I Want to Accomplish Since My Month-Long David Lynch Film Marathon, So Kindly Pull Up a Chair),” Ink Node
  • “Hello from the Hills of Oaxaca,” Nimrod
  • “Laissez-scare” & “Everything is Permitted Here,” The Potomac


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