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Anonymous & Canonized: Reflections On Teaching in China

May 7, 2012 | No Comments | Tagged: , , , , , , , ,

Maybe it’s the rain and the mist that makes me all sentimental for Wuhan. Or maybe it’s that this weekend has been the calm before the end of semester grading typhoon, but I am suddenly remembering that I taught a literature course in China this past January. Yes, I did that, and it was as insanely difficult and wonderful.

This is a photo of of Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Think something like NYC in Mandarin. For me, it was something like love.

Eighteen of the twenty-six Chinese students whom I taught in January are  currently finishing their masters theses in TESOL on UW-Platteville’s campus. They are simply the best, bravest and most generous humans I have ever known, and all of them are returning to China on May 11th. I’m going to miss them, though I hope to teach in Wuhan again, and to see more of China.  I’ve done a tremendous amount of travelling in the last year or so, and I love it despite the collateral plane viruses and jet lag. Is there such a thing as travel addiction? Hmm. Something to ponder after I submit grades.

For now, visit a very abridged photo gallery of my 2012 China travels. Also, check out this video of me reading a poem inspired by my visit to Guiyuan Temple in Wuhan. Thanks to Icer and Crystal, the two Wuhan students who escorted me to the temple and made sure I didn’t get arrested or invite eternal bad luck by photographing one of the 500 statues of the Buddha.

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